Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cute cupcakes!

I did this shirt for a little girl to wear to her birthday party. She has the matching capris (shown above) and she also has the kiwi dot shorts to match. So she can wear the shirt with both bottoms.
I thought it turned out cute so I did a sample with a name to go on the board at the store(below). These are our most popular fabrics when put together.
I wonder why I picked that name???? :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In my sewing room.....

I love this little bird. She makes me smile! This applique was put on tons of sweet shirts for the upcoming shows for Sew Precious.... very cute! I posted some new appliques at the bottom of my blog (jellyfish, bird, shark, and flipflops). These are also designs that we've put on shirts for the shows. We did about 105, but there are still more to do before show #2. All of the shirts have matching capris/shorts.

My machine has been working all day. I did about 4 of these today for baby gifts and orders.

Here is the bib finished. I really like the polka dot, but I did red plaid for a few of them. Katie-if you are reading this, you have two on the way for your sweet boys (act surprised)!

Since baby Powell is a girl, I bought this cute bubble from the store (Sew Precious)'s so stinking cute! It has flamingos smocked at the top.

This is a snap shot of things that I still have to do... this doesn't include the 20 sweatshirts for the OMES dance team... I think I need another machine!!! Back to work....

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