Friday, June 25, 2010


Houndstooth outlined in red satin stitch.....Chachie font.
This is appliqued on a bib but can be put on anthing. Bibs with an applique are $20.
Lime green gingham outlined in pink.. outlined in pink vintage stitch... #74 font.
This is the most popular font that I use.

Hot pink polka dot outlined in a matching pink satin stitch... Curly Q font.

The name applique is done on a receiving blanket. I used blue gingham, green dot, and brown stripes to make it sweet but boyish. Cade font was used with a zipzag stitch. Name appliques are very popular, especially on bibs.


  1. I love this blanket!! So sweet!

  2. YOu have some seriously adorable stuff! You are very talented! :)


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