Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some new things

Cute burp cloths done for a newborn.

Mama made these paci holders for Marley James.... I know there will be plenty more to come. She also made the dress below out of my favorite fabric. There is a matching paci holder clipped on the side. Visit her blog at
I did this pirate ship for a friend to match a pair of red gingham pants for her little boy. I also did about 4 other shirts to match pants for her. This was my favorite!

The bib is for Marley James. This applique was very popular at the store so I wanted to share. The outfit below is also for Marley James and it came from K.K.'s Kreations. It even has matching cow shoes!


  1. oh goodness Kari! These things are so precious!!
    Congratulations on your baby girl!

  2. Kari!! I love it all! :) You are going to have the cutest and best dressed baby in the South! :)

  3. You & your Mom are so talented! I love the applique font is that on the bib.


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